torsdag 14. april 2011

From Norwegian newspaper BA:
Taking the "Viking route" home!

Vågen (BA): American, Beverly P. Head III have sailed alone from Alabama to Bergen. On the way back he will have company. I have been eight weeks on the water, and have sailed in the Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic, Beverly explain.
When he stopped in Ulsteinvik in Møre and Romsdal for some basic repairs of the boat, he met Trond Hjertø.
-Beverly asked if I knew how to sail. After having heard of my experiences on the ocean, he invited me to come along, Trond tells. 

When the two arrived in Bergen, they were met by Beverlys wife, daughter and granddaughter that had flown in from USA to Bergen.
The youngest, at five, in the crew is named after her grandfather and seems to enjoy boatlife as him.
Beverly have over 20 years experience on the seas, and in 2002 he sailed along the coast of Norway to Kirkenes. It gave a taste for more, and Bergen in particular was a harbour he just had to visit again.
The boat is a midsized Ocean Cruiser. It was designed and built in 1982 by Hank Hinckley, Beverly tells. While BA is visiting "Maryam" several people stops to take a picture of the American flagged boat.
Do you get a lot of attention?
I have posed for Japaneese tourists three times already, Trond says and laughs.
-They say that the boat is beautyful, old and classic, Beverly says proudly.
The voyage back goes via Faroe Islands, Greenland and Canada before ending in the state of Maine on the eastcoast of USA.
We are taking the "Vikingroute" home, says Beverly. It will be shorter than the route I took to get here, we will only spend about six weeks.
It will likely not be long before "Maryam" will be visiting Bergen yet again.
I love to sail, says Beverly.

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