torsdag 15. oktober 2009

The sea has always fascinated me,
and the beach was my playground No 1 in my childhood. Boats were also part of my life as a kid, but it was always just motorboats or rowingboats. We had a wooden boat with a Yamaha 6hk on the transom, in which I spent many a time from I was about 12 years of age. Whether alone or with friends on islandtrips with tents, sleeping bags and hot dogs that we usually charcoaled on a bonfire. Adults were only present through binoculars in the our living room window. Freedom under responsibility, we call it nowadays.

16 years old I moved to a boardingschool, witch where far from the sea, to remedy this began a long relationship with Båtmagasinet* that was newly started back then. *(Norway's largest motorboat Magazine). I still have Magazine #1 year #1.
Later I moved to a vocational school, this was by the sea and it was here that I put my feet in a sailing boat for the first time. Our not so eminent sailing instructor nearly scared me to an untimely. We sailed an Askeladden 14" on a closehauled tack, I thought the boat was going to capsize. With a course straight towards a tall rock, which came closer and closer, and with a helmsman who seemed not wanting to turn. I saw death in the white of his eye ...... I thought.

Now I know better,
1. Sailboats do heel, they're supposed to.
2. yachts have usually have a very tight turning radius.

We were never in any danger, and I know that now. But I sometimes think that I would have found my thing a lot earlier were it not for this unprofesional instructor. It took many years before I put my feet in a sailing boat again.

6-7 years later, I had got my first cellphone and was speaking with a friend. He was out sailing with some friends in his father's boat. They were near by, so I asked if I could join. To make a long story short, (which I probably sould have done from the start...) I put my feet on board, got a rope in my hand and told to keep my eyes on some yarn on the sail. I was stumped, but began to tighten and slacken the rope. Eventually I got the hang of the trimming of the Genoa....
Thanks Ludvig, for That....
That was the moment!
That was, rewarding, interesting, fun, educational ..... I wanted more ... However, there was still some years before I got a rope in my hands.
In -98 I saw an ad on a sailing course in the local paper, I signed up. I did the course and began to sail as a permanent crew of Håvard's boat. On board the Excalibur I participated on the Wednesday regattas of Ulstein Yacht Club, where I still am a member. I enjoyed it every single time I was out there, but still, a couple of hours once a week just wasn't enough.

One determinating moment came when I was offered to go to Rørvik to sail Cap d'Or, the boat of a Swiss named Udo. During the three days it took us to sail southwards, I had found my shelf in life. Long distance cruising. That was my thing. I went on some trips from time to time, but the first big adventure came in 2006 when I went to Gran Canaria to sail across the Atlantic with my friend Thomas on his boat Vision. Seven weeks of summer, sun and swimming, I was sure that I would do it again. Back home again I struggled, I still did not sail enough.
My friend Frank Håkon rang one day and told me about a 24" boat he had been told about, maybe I'd concider buying it. I thought the boat was too small, but I went to see it. It was love at first sight. The deal was made, thanks to Johannes, and I was no longer "Skipper no boat". The slightly-aged lady where given my name: Isla del Corazón is Spanish for Heart Island, witch altso translates to Hjertø. Me and Isla del Corazòn have had many nice trips together.

Thomas invited me to the returntrip from the Caribbean in -08, which I accepted. Three and a half months .... We were badly delayed in the Azores, where we lay for nearly five weeks. To deal with mañana attitudes and delays is all part of the cruisinglifestyle! When I write this, I'm on board Maryam, docked near Newport, RI. I have just crossed the Atlantic for the third time, and soon we shall sail south to the Caribbean. It is the third time there, it was not the plan. I think I have a sort of a thing about the place ... So far I have sailed over 12,290 Nautical miles, and then I don't count regattas or trips less than three days. I am grateful to many friends. Here, I thank some of the sailingfriends who have meant the most to me, and to where I am now. Aboard a sailboat between waypoints! Thank you.

By the way:
We are delayed, and woulden't you know it.....Waiting for Volvo P parts. I have quit saing Volvo Penta, I say Volvo P...the "P" stands for "Problem"

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  1. Hello Trond; Great to read your commentary on how you got into sailing--excellent! And your photos are great fun too and from so many of the same places we have been. Let us know if you start blogging from travels in Norway, then we can add your blog to our Voyage Accounts page at It was great to meet you and we hope to see you again. All the best from Phyllis and John, S/V Morgan's Cloud


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